Setup Guide

Table of Contents

Before you Begin
I. Speaker Setup
(Auto Setup)
(Manual Setup)
II. Option Setup
(HDMI Setup Options)
(Video Processing Options)
(Audio Setup Options)
(Zone 2 Setup Options)
(Amp Assign Options)
(Other Options)
III. Input Setup

Denon manuals are hard. Plus, the menus are filled with cryptic terms with nary an explanation to be found. Thus, I present you with an easy, step-by-step guide to hooking up and setting up your shiny new Denon receiver. Enjoy, and I hope this helps you get up and running with minimal pain!

If you have general questions about the use or operation of your Denon AVR, check out my FADQ (Frequently Asked Denon Questions).

If you want some general background on modern AVR’s, including explanations of new technologies like HDMI and upscaling, the first step should be to go and read MichaelJHuman’s outstanding AVR FAQ at

Please note that this website deals primarily with installation, setup and use of “consumer level” Denon models. Some more advanced models may have additional features, such as networking, which I will not cover here. For an explanation of the different model levels, head over to the Denon Model Numbers section of this website. Note, however, that in terms of basic setup these higher end units are essentially identical and 95% of the information I provide here will still be relevant! Just be aware that there may be certain features available to you which aren’t discussed on these pages.

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