Who is “batpig”?

Disclaimer #1: I am not an Audio/Video (AV) professional!! I do not make any money off of AV sales, I do not work for Denon (although many say I should!) and am in no way affiliated with any AV profession. I am strictly an amateur enthusiast and have no financial stake in pushing any brand or product. All the help on this site is provided for FREE (although you can support me by making a donation or visiting some of the sponsored links)!

So while I’m not a professional, what I am is a tech junkie and AV enthusiast, who has happened to gravitate towards the Denon brand of home theater receiver. As anyone who has ever tried to read and understand a Denon manual will agree, this makes me somewhat of a reading comprehension masochist. Denon manuals read like some computer generated translation of the original Japanese text, and as such can be difficult to decipher — especially if you are unfamiliar with contemporary AV terminology and technology!

However, if there’s one thing I have a knack for, it’s being able to understand complex topics and then explain them in simple terms to others. This skill, as well as my preference for Denon AVR’s, has resulted in me becoming a de facto expert on Denon receivers over at AVSforum.com, the premiere AV discussion site on the web.

After spending a lot of time compiling FAQ’s and helping posters out with their Denons, I decided to centralize all of the information I have learned and collected, in the hopes that others may be able to set up and enjoy their Denon AVR’s without hurling the massive black boxes out the window in frustration.

More generally, I have a varied professional background that spans business, teaching, art, nonprofits, and graphic and multimedia design, and I currently live in San Diego, California. I have owned eight Denon receivers to date (3803, 1905, 2105, 2307CI, 888, 789, 2310CI, and currently an AVR 2113CI), and have helped many a friend or family member make good decisions with their home theater and AV purchases.

Feel free to contact me with questions, suggestions, or corrections. To contact me, click the “contact batpig” link at the bottom, or email me at batpigworld@gmail.com.

Disclaimer #2: Please do not ask me to make brand comparisons!! I am in no way a Denon “fanboy”, I have no financial stake in Denon, nor do I have an issue with any other brand (and in fact I think Yamaha, Marantz, Onkyo, Harman Kardon, etc. all make excellent products). I am striving to keep this site impartial and informative, so please, keep it civil! Thanks for stopping by…

This website would not be possible without many contributions from the dedicated members at AVSforum. I am truly indebted to those experienced AV veterans who helped me when I was a noob, and who have taken the time to compile such wonderful resources as the Audyssey Step-by-Step Guide and the AVR FAQ.


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